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Ferrari LaFerrari

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Ferrari Enzo, Supercar | 0 comments


Ferrari has been making supercars long time before any other company thought about that. There are many well-known supercars made by this company, but two most known cars that came from their assembly line are Ferrari Enzo and Ferrari LaFerrari. Both of these cars brought new technology into the world of supercars, and there are still people that claim that Ferrari is the best supercar manufacturer in the world.

Ferrari Enzo – New supercar with new super toys

Where LaFerrari brought the hybrid engine into the world of supercars, Enzo came out with a new revolutionary version of V12 engine called F140 B. Ferrari based this engine on Maserati’s V8 from Quattroporte. They also started replacing engines in other models with new V12 and V8 models.

The reason behind the high level of performance that Enzo has is the very creation of the Enzo that was done with the help of technology used in F1.

Some of the things that were implemented in Enzo from F1 are fully carbon fiber body, electrohydraulic transmission as well as ceramic disc brakes.

Specifications of the Ferrari Enzo

We talked about power and engine that are found in the heart (middle) of this supercar. But Enzo is more than just a new version of the engine, and it is much more.

The shifting in the Enzo is done with a semi-automatic F1 gearbox that uses paddles for automated clutch mechanism. There are LED lights on the steering wheel that indicate the time when the gear should be changed. This is an improved version of a rather badly made transmission from the late 1990s.

The suspension in this supercar is independent for all four wheels, and it actuates the shock absorbers, which can be adjusted from the car, to accommodate the desire of the driver.

Tires on this monster of a car are from Bridgestone, 19-inch followed by 15-inch disc brakes made by Brembo.

The performance and behavior of the Enzo

This supercar was built for race tracks, and all technology that was used in its production was based on that (to give him more power and more speed while retaining a high level of maneuverability). This Ferrari can reach 60 mph in 3.14 seconds, and it needs 3.86 seconds more to reach 100 mph.
It takes around 11.2 seconds for Enzo to finish the classic quarter of a mile race, which places this supercar in a small group of eleven-second cars. The top speed of 221 mph tells you what this car accomplished.


There are Ferrari models that can be driven on the road and race track as well, but Enzo is not one of them. Enzo is full-fledged race track car that sacrificed the comfort of a regular car for the power and speed of a race car. It isn’t a real race car either, but if you want a car to drive during the contest weeks, then this one will more than suffice.

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