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Introduction Of Alfa Romeo 4C


Alfa Romeo 4C is a little, light sports car with the power on the rear wheels. It is available in 2 body styles: Spider and coupe, it has a carbon fiber tub, composite rear frame made out of aluminum that keeps it 895 kilos heavy (1 050 in the U.S.) and crash box at the back. This 4C Alfa Romeo car is the first mass-produced one to re-enter into the market of U.S.

A bit of Alfa Romeo history

Alfa Romeo 4C Concept is a coupe car with two seats, power on the rear wheels, whose materials and technology were derived from the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

It has 1750 petrol motor with direct injection, the Alfa DNA selector of control and dynamic and the Alfa TCT twin dry clutch transference. This version was uncovered in the 81st motor show in Geneva (March 2011) that later followed Mille Miglia parade (2011), Goodwood Festival of Speed (2011) and motor show in Frankfurt (2011).

It’s the first time to be displayed was in Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este (2012). It seems to be very similar to its productions version, but its substantial differences are front lights, mirrors and side vents. Production of 4C began in May 2013 in Modena (Maserati’s plant).

They produced about 2500 cars a year thus becoming the first mass-produced car in the USA. Its production was initially estimated to be about 1 000 a year (upper limit a bit under 3500). When it comes to Europe, its Alfa Romeo 4C launch was held in Balocco Test Center (Italy). The vehicles were delivered to Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

Alfa Romeo 4C specifications

Centro Stile Alfa Romeo designed this car, and Alfa Romeo developed it. TTA produced the carbon fiber tub in Airola as a venture of Lavorazione Materiali Compositi and Alder Plastic. The car chassis weighs about 65 kilos, and it is similar to many supercars body (single carbon fiber body). The outside body is about 20 percent lighter than steel (whose stability is comparable to) and much better than aluminum. Its wheel and tires come out in 2 options: 205/45 R17 front and 235/40 R18 back, with optional 205/40 R18 and 235/35 R19. Pirelli P-zero tires come with the equipment of both options.

Different models of 4C

4C Launch Edition was uncovered at the motor show in Geneva (2013), and it was a limited edition. The car came out in 4 colors, and there were about 400 examples reserved for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, little more than 500 for North America and 100 for the others.

The vehicle cost about 60 000 euros in Europe. North American version was introduced on NY International Auto Show (2014) and the first 100 cars were shipped to the U.S. (850 in total by the end of the year). It is very similar to the 4C Spider version, which came to light at motor show in Geneva (2014.) Top speed of it is about 250 km/h, and the innovation is an option of yellow color.


This vehicle has been used as SBK official safety car since 2013 (except Laguna Seca where it was not available at the time) which tells you everything about its performance and quality.