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Koenigsegg Agera

Koenigsegg Agera


Koenigsegg is a Swedish company that started producing cars that rival Italian and German supercars. The first car that this company made that can be called a supercar was released in 1996, and the company made several models and many versions of those models as the years passed. This car was so successful that it was named a hypercar of the year 2010.

Koenigsegg Agera – Future from the north

Agera is Swedish answer to supercar/hypercar competition. Even though this car has a five-liter engine, it is twin-turbocharged V8, and it produces 940 hp. The engine is made from fiber and aluminum parts, and it weighs around 430 lb. The transmission is paddle shifted 7-speed system, and it takes the Agera to its maximum 269 mph.

This car is called hypercar because it can go over 400 km/h, which should be done in controlled conditions only. Going over that speed is dangerous, and only professionals can keep the car in control. The point is not the car, but the surface on which it gains that speed. The surface must be in top condition, as the steering while driving at that speed is an impossible and even small mistake can lead to the big crash.

Agera R and S iterations

R and S are upgraded versions of Agera that featured many additions. There were later limited edition Koenigsegg cars based on a version of Agera, but they will be mentioned later.

The Agera R is a fantastic version of its predecessor, and it can reach 60 mph in 2.8 seconds. Its theoretical max speed is around 273 mph, but no one tried to get it yet. In 2011 this model broke six great land records for cars (one of them being the fastest car to reach 186 mph, it took only 14.5 seconds to get it. Then they went to break the record for the fastest car to reach 186 and to stop after that (21.2 seconds).

S version of this Koenigsegg supercar is made for markets that have no E85 biofuel. It is almost same as R model, but it produces more hp (1030), due to low octane levels of gasoline. But if it is run on biofuel then the R version is more powerful. There is a particular version of S model on the market that has a gold leaf inlays and that car is called Hundra (Swedish for hundred as it was the hundredth Koenigsegg car ever made).

Koenigsegg One: 1 – Ultimate race track Koenigsegg

This model is a special edition and only seven cars were made (all of them were sold before they left the production line) and the name came from the ratio of power and weight (both are 1361). This car was even more focused on the race track than other Koenigsegg cars.


This company showed the world that a supercar can be made by smaller manufacturers and that a company doesn’t have to be 100 years old to make a proper supercar.

Koenigsegg is less known in comparison to other big supercar manufacturers, but the superb performance of their cars brings them to the top.