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What’s the Most Expensive Supercar to Rent?

What’s the Most Expensive Supercar to Rent?

Last Updated 13th September 2016: Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with a lot of supercar hire agencies, (and I mean alot) advising them on technical issues from how to sell, who to sell to, the pricing behind supercars, how they work as well as how to build the most profitable business. But one of the questions I got asked by these companies and also by the individuals that would come in and talk to us was – What is the most expensive supercar in the world? Or the most expensive to hire. The answer always varies but not for the reason you might think. It’s not because they are expensive to buy……

Bugatti ChyronFor example if we look at the Bugatti Chiron it’s obvious that from a pure monetary point of view this would be the most expensive, simply because the rarity of the car and the insurance associated when you have the power beneath your feet! The problem is this isn’t in the majority of supercar hire places. I mean can you afford a 10 million pound car? That then will be able to have a positive ROI? Chances are not. And it wouldn’t be a smart business decision so they can’t do it.

This is the main issue. Most people see this type of business as something that not only costs a lot of money but that people get into for the “fun of it.” Although I’m a business consultant and I love what I do, I don’t actually do it because I enjoy it. I do it because it pays well and I get money for it! Don’t forget that even the most interesting businesses in the world are still reliant on making a profit. So making smart business decisions such as not purchasing a car that costs over 1 million pounds!

Ferrari 458 SpiderInstead the most expensive cars are the ones that are slightly below the very top tier in terms of both power and pricing. Below is the price table from hire Ferrari (that’s the name of the site) – In this case the highest priced Ferrari on the market is the Ferrari 458 Spider, and I mean if you look at the car you can see why. It is one of the most beautiful Ferrari’s ever built. Compared to the prices of the others its a long way ahead, that’s due to the price tag associated to buy this car.

So below is the full table for anyone that is interested.

Ferrari Prices

But we aren’t just talking about Ferrari’s. What about Lambo, Aston and the rest? Well the most expensive Lambo is the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, at a mind blowing $4 million its clear to say that renting this for a day is going to put you back a few thousand even for just a 24 hour period. Generally speaking Aston’s are slightly cheaper as they are built for a market that can actually afford them. Starting at £70,000 you can pick up an Aston if you have a bit of cash flow and earn over £100,000 a year, which 2% of the population in the UK do now. The most expensive for the record is the Aston DB6, which makes sense, I mean just look at the thing, it’s the original supercar.

Aston Martin DB6

An easy way to calculate how much it will cost is to take 0.5% of the price tag for the car and that will give you a good starting point on how much it is likely to cost you to get into it. The prices for these cars are crazy but when you think about the price tag to fully own one, they actually seem quite reasonable. I’ve done posts in the past for this site on why I believe simply renting a car is the future rather than purchasing one outright. The main issues are tax, cost of the initial capital and the ease at which we can get around without a car now. Whether this be flying, train or simply taking an Uber.

Think about how much you could make with an extra £200.000 a year. Chances are its a lot! Instead do you really want to invest this into an asset that will depreciate by 30% by tomorrow? Chances are that you don’t and I wouldn’t either!

Hope you enjoyed this post, its a bit more off topic that usual but something I like talking about. Have a good one!