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The Mistakes Supercar Agencies Make

As you already know this blog is all about the top supercars in the world. I’ve been in this industry for close to 10 years now, and although I’m an enthusiast, I’m also a marketer first. This means essentially what I do is sell people’s products for them. Being a petrol head, I went into the automotive industry and never looked back. Today I’m going to talk about 3 mistakes I see all types of car agencies make, from the very highest supercars to the lowest cheap options.


Before I started my own supercar blog I worked for a London luxury supercar hire agency. It was fun but there was a few things they did wrong, I explained what the issues were, but when you make £5 million a year the ears weren’t there for me! Below are the top 3 things I see when I go to consult for these larger companies, these may seem obvious to you and me, but trust me when I say they are very rarely ever implemented.

free-collection1.) Free Pickup/Collection

This is quite an obvious one. When you rent a car you expect it to either be a.) dropped off at your house, b.) Allow you to come pick it up or c.) A collection from a third party location (usually somewhere close to both the agency and the individual purchasing) but most of the time there is only 1 option, which is to be dropped off at your home. Now this is a disadvantage for a few reasons, but mainly because you have to pay to get it delivered anyway! That means you don’t get to drive the car from the agency to your house? Wouldn’t that be a better experience than paying for someone else to deliver it to you? I think it would be.

Petrol Costs2.) Petrol Costs

We all know that petrol or “gas” if you’re American is expensive. But charging additional fees for petrol when you’ve already charged £800+ for a daily rental is too much. Give people the option to return the car with a full tank, and you deliver it with a full tank. This removes any emphasis on petrol costs, and if the individual doesn’t then they can pay the late delivery or petrol fee. But don’t automatically add these charges, it just looks unprofessional in my personal opinion.

3.) Stupidly High Excess Payments

excess-insuranceNow it should come as no surprise that supercar insurance is expensive (of course) but most companies have either £5,000 or £10,000 excess payments. This means if you get into an small accident, it’s going to cost you up to £10,000 to repair the car. This might not even have been your fault either! This is when you start to lose a lot of business simply through the worry of getting into accidents. For example I can afford £800 for an Aston for 1-2 days. What I wouldn’t be able to afford is a random £10,000 bill because someone else crashed into me! Too risky for me and why most people actually don’t go ahead with supercar hires, and choose something like a limo instead!

I hope you enjoyed the post and learnt a thing or 2 about marketing in general! Remember to share and comment below.